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16.02.2010 09:30

The site of the Downhill department of the Finnish Cycling union is only available in Finnish.

If there's something you would like to know about finnish downhill racing, events, national downhill team or anything related, please feel free to send us an .

If you want to participate in a downhill-event send your info

Please include at least the following info:

The event you're interested in taking part
Your name
UCI licence number (not required if participating in the open hobby-class, please mention it that's the case)
Name of the club you're representing

If you have already raced during the same season, please mention which events you've already done. That helps us a great deal in sorting the points for the overall standings. 

If the email-links don't seem to work, the address is: vauhtijaosto ( a ) mountainbike (dot) fi

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